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Tax Preparation, Consultations, and Audit Representation

This is a summary of my services for those who are requesting assistance other than tax preparation.

Tax Preparation:

Tax preparation services are offered year-round, by appointment only. My services include electronic filing, penalty and interest guarantee on any preparation error, and backup of your tax data for six years. My practice includes all 1040 type returns (ie, other than corporations and partnerships), including taxpayers with income/residencies in multiple states, and nonresident aliens (Form 1040NR). I also prepare trust (Form 1041) and gift tax (Form 709) returns. In addition to tax preparation, I offer consultations and audit representation, most occurring after/before the tax season.

As you can see, this isn't some tax website template which all appear similar and your tax preparaton is completed anonymously. Although I also use a secure client portal for long-distance clients for their convenience, communicating with clients directly is the first priority. Many tax websites also brand a marketed newsletter, not a bad thing, but I've written every guideline, summary and tax tip posted throughout. I code my website manually so while it's not the most flashy, I hope it gives you enough helpful information about tax laws and my expertise. Here's a link, also on the main page, to my professional background.

I consider my prices reasonable without sacrificing professional quality, and you can be assured that I stand by my tax preparation services. Even in a situation in which I would explain that something you want to deduct is not deductible, my goal is to prepare your tax return to give you the lowest legal tax liability. I reimburse for penalties and interest if the IRS or state tax authority assesses any deficiency due to preparer error. You can contact me throughout the year for follow-up questions and general tax advice.

The distinction with my practice is that I explain your tax return to you using straightforward, non-technical terms as much as possible, so you can be confident in the preparation and have an understanding of your tax situation. It's a relaxed but still professional setting, a private office with some of the comforts of home. And enjoy a cup of coffee or water while we meet!

Haven't filed past tax returns? No time like the present!

While it's important to timely file your tax return (by the due date or with an extension) if required to do so, there's no late penalty when you're due a refund. However, there is a three-year statute of limitations to claim a refund (or two years after the tax has been paid, whichever is later). The IRS can require you to file those years or they may even file a "substitute for return" on your behalf. You will be subject to penalty and interest on any balances due. Current IRS policy is generally to go back six years, further back with IRS managerial approval or if fraud is suspected. But a taxpayer must also consider that this policy doesn't alter any tax filing requirement, and the 10 year statute of limitations on collecting tax doesn't start on tax returns that remain unfiled. Realistically, I advise in most cases to start with the unfiled returns for the previous three years.



Offered primarily during the 'offseason,' ie, the summer and fall. Starting a business and need a little help with understanding what estimated tax payments to make or what expenses are deductible? Need advice on adjusting your W-4 withholding because of increased income? Thinking about renting out part of your home? Planning on retiring? If you have a couple general questions, this is provided on a complimentary basis and can be done via email or phone. Otherwise, consultation fees for new clients are $50 minimum for the first half-hour+, or $65 for a full hour. * If the client returns for tax preparation in the current or next tax filing season, partial credit may be applied. (Current clients receive this benefit of complimentary general tax advice and questions/answers throughout the year as part of my service, within reasonable limitations.)

IRS letters and audit representation:

As an enrolled agent, this is a category of tax professionals authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS, such as when the taxpayer has been selected for an audit. Most IRS letters are notices such as CP2000 (CP means computer paragraph) proposing changes based on discrepancies reported on your tax return, or notices requesting further information. As the preparer of the tax return, there is no additional charge for resolving these types of notices, unless amended returns are necessary due to a client's oversight.

If you've received a notice that you are being audited and required to contact an IRS examiner and/or send in documents, I can represent you in your place before the IRS. You will need to sign a Power of Attorney form which authorizes me to represent you for the specified tax matter and period(s) being audited.

* Please note, due to current client capacity I'm not accepting new clients right now. Consultations and audit services are for current clients though circumstances may change.

For all these services, an engagement letter will be signed outlining the services provided, fees, and responsibilities of both myself as the tax practitioner and you as the client.